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Chest Spice

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Old Spice 'Terry Chest Drum'

Why You Shouldn't Delay In Seeking Treatment For GERD

Heartburn and reflux are common to most people but what about GERD? Are you familiar with GERD and if you are, do you understand what it's symptoms are?

GERD is short for Gastroesophageal Reflux disease and is a term introduced during the past 20 years which will explain why many people aren't familiar with it. If you experience reflux on a regular basis, at least two or more times a week and your quality of life is being affected then it's a strong possibility you may have GERD.

How Serious Is GERD?

If not treated properly, GERD can impact not only your quality of life but can cause damage to your esophagus. If left untreated it can lead to other possible health complications. That's why the message to chronic sufferers of reflux is usually strong about seeking medical advice if it's a factor several times a week.

The cause of GERD occurs when food is deposited into the stomach under normal circumstances but is usually prevented from moving into the esophagus by a special valve-like muscle. This, under normal circumstances is a one-way street; food will make it's way into the stomach and usually that's where it stays until digested. On occasions, there is a malfunction; the muscle valve is retarded and acid rises up into the esophagus causing pain and irritation. The result is GERD.

Did You Know?

Heartburn is a symptom of GERD. People often get heartburn and reflux confused but the former is better known as a symptom. However, frequent heartburn attacks such as twice or more a week which diminishes a person's quality of life suggests the presence of GERD.

The Symptoms

Apart from heartburn, which is the main symptom of GERD, other symptoms to take notice of include pain in the chest, sore throat leading to a difficulty in swallowing and an ugly type of after taste. Heartburn is the main symptom however and should be watched closely if it's present on a regular basis.

If you suspect GERD in your life then set up an appointment with your doctor. The chances are strong it could be a factor particularly if you suffer several bouts of heartburn every week. Your doctor will cover every aspect of your condition and will generally be keen to know whether you are taking any type of medication. Remember, delaying medical opinion may eventually lead to more serious medical problems.Dean Caporella is a professional broadcaster. Chronic heartburn could be masking more serious health problems such asGERD. What is GERD? Find out in this revealing report. Plus, improve your quality of life with the latest heartburn and reflux news and reviews at:

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