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Frequently Asked Questions...

What would be a good gift for a girl art history major?

Likes include: Matisse (This is not a pipe), Anything by marcel Duchamp, John Currin
Dislikes: Picasso (once he went to africa and started sucking), Cheesy art/art that gets turned into commodity.

I'm sorry if this makes no sense, but I hope an art history buff will come along and answer my prayers.
If someone replies saying I should get a "print" of her favorite painting i will not be satisfied. She's not your average girl.

Best Answer...


My middle daughter is an art history major.
I bought her a old antique drafting table that she loves dearly.
It is ajustable and she does alot of projects on it.
She wants to teach art history at college level and is going to go
to grad school.
My daughter is single. : )