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locate antique medical co. named Tagliabue Mfg. Co.?

need info on a medical antique formaldehyde fumigator made by
Tagliabue mfg co. Brooklyn N.Y. patented AUG.7.17. Would like info on item and company.

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First, get in touch with the NY Public Library, whose business collection goes back to 1700's.

Via Proquest search, New York Times:

New York Times Jul 8, 1902. p. 12 (Stock Quote 9 )
Incorporation of C J Tagliabue Mfg - NYPL can send you more.

C J Tagliabue Mfg, 18 33D St, Bush Terminal, Brooklyn had an advertisement for a typist in the June 12, 1918 New York Times

Formaldehyde Room Disinfectors

Remote possibility
Giuseppe Tagliabue founded an instrument company in Brookline in the late 1800's. He had six children to continue and expand his tradition.