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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the best way to pick up your ideal roster in Yahoo's fantasy football auto-draft in a 10 man league?

I've edited the pre-draft player rankings, and was wondering as to whether it's better to clump all my desired RB's, WR's, TE's, and QB's alongside one another. Is this the best way to go about it? I've never played with the auto-draft setting before.

Best Answer...


let's start with some fantasy football "rules"...
1. never draft a kicker till the last round...they all put up the same numbers anyway
2. never draft a TE till at least midway thru the draft...they all put up similar numbers (if you check last years #'s, there was only a 40 pt. difference between TE's 1 and 10)
3. Always draft RB's first.

Knowing this, clump your top 7 or 8 running backs at the top of your draft board. You'll probably end up getting one. Then, put in you top 3 or 4 QB's, (Manning, Brady, Palmer, etc). Finally, Put up a bunch of great WR, followed by the top defenses (Baltimore, CHicago, etc.) and the second and third tier RB and QB's. Finally, stick in Antonio Gates and the less explosive WR, followed by a clump of second tier D's, the rest of the TE, and finally the Kickers.

DOn't be worried if you don't get a "brand name" TE or Kicker, it doesn't matter.

Never draft a second Defense, TE, Or Kicker, pick up a spare before your bye week, then drop it again

usually, Yahoo will make at least one bad pick for you, if it does don't be worried. (This year, they drafted me 2 kickers, nugent in round 10 and hanson in the last round, i just dropped nugent so thanx yahoo for that!)

Good Luck with your draft!