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Frequently Asked Questions...

What to expect at a Gynecological exam?

Particularly at Planned parenthood clinics?

Best Answer...


Well the procedure isn't so bad. I'm guessing you'll be getting a breast exam, pap smear and pelvic exam.

If you are nervous talk to a nurse or doctor and they will explain the exam to you, but here's the basic experience:

You get your blood pressure and weight taken by the nurse. She asks you things like are you sexually active, if you are on birth control or any other medication. If you are sexually active and on birth control they may also ask if you use condoms as well, it will depend on the nurse though.

Next you're taken into the exam room and given a large paper sheet and the nurse will tell you to remove your pants and underwear, including your bra (if you are getting a breast exam), you leave your shirt on and some people find the stirrups cold so keep your socks on as well. The nurse leaves you to get undressed and you lay on the exam table and cover yourself with the paper sheet. You won't have to put your feet in the stirrups until the doctor arrives, just lay down and relax. When the doctor arrives she/he will perform the breast exam (you don't need to expose your breasts, she/he will just do it through your shirt).

Next you will be asked to scoot down and put your feet in the stirrups and you spread your legs (feels embarrassing but it is necessary). The doctor then inserts a lubricated speculum http://www.medema.co.uk/Products/Vaginal_Speculum_large.jpg into your vagina, this will be somewhat uncomfortable. The doctor then opens the speculum a bit (again uncomfortable, not painful usually though). The doctor will then use a a brush (kind of looks like a mascara brush) and a spatula looking thing to scrap some cells from your cervix (again, more discomfort). Some places do an automatic STD check, which is just another quick swab with a q-tip.

Continue to relex, the speculum will be removed but don't sit up yet, you still need a pelvic exam. The doctor will insert a couple of fingers into your vagina and place the other hand on your abdomen to feel for any abnormalities. You are then allowed to sit up. The doctor will leave and you can get dressed and you're all done.

Some women experience cramping for a few hours after, nothing too severe though.

It's uncomfortable and slightly embarassing but it is necessary and only takes about 5 minutes at most.