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what personal protective equipment is used in a barbers?

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The technical standard describes protective measures for exposure to hazardous substances in the
hairdressing trades. The measures are directed to both employers and employees. The present
TRGS also regulates hairdressing-specific wet work. Wet work includes activities in which
employees must spend a considerable amount of their work time with moist or wet hands, or a
corresponding amount of time wearing waterproof protective gloves, or must clean their hands

The collective responsibility for the determination and evaluation of risks from hazardous substances in the workplace lies with the employer. He can obtain support and advice through
institutions that oversee his company, external services, or qualified specialists within his company.

Substitute materials and their use
The employer must verify whether material, preparations, or products are available with lower
health risks than those that were originally intended to be used. Preparations for permanent
waves that contain ester of thioglycolic acid should not be used. They can be replaced with
products containing nonsensitizing substances or substances with weaker sensitizing potential.
„Dusty“ hair-lightening products should not be used. Powdered latex rubber gloves, because of
the risk of latex allergy, should be replaced with other suitable gloves.
If the introduction of less hazardous substitute materials is not possible, the employer must
verify if the intended (for use) substances or preparations can be obtained and used in a form that
poses little possibility of exposure. (e.g., pellets, granules, pastes, double-chamber applicators).
Work tools (e.g. scissors) that can expose the skin to Nickel, are unsuitable.

Designation of hazardous substances
The employer is obliged to designate all hazardous substances that can be used in the workplace
and/or that could be released. The designation must have at least the following indications:
Designation of the hazardous substance, classification of the hazardous substance, and amount of
the hazardous substance in the industry in which the hazardous substance will be used.

Protective measures
Technical (engineering) protective measures take precedence over organizational
(administrative) measures, and these take precedence over personal protective measures.
Technical protective measures
For hairdressing environments, suitable ventilation is needed. It is especially necessary to equip
facilities for mixing and pouring/filling tasks with ventilation. Also, for such tasks, a specialhand washing and care area with adjustable faucet water temperature must be available. For
hairdressing work, health regulations require the availability of easily accessible rest areas for
any number of employees.

Organizational protective measures
The employer must verify through organizational measures that unavoidable wet work (such as
hairwashing), to the extent possible, is spread among several tasks to reduce the time of exposure
to any one employee. The length of time wearing waterproof gloves must be limited only to what
is absolutely necessary.

Personal protective equipment
As part of personal protective equipment, suitable protective gloves must be made available to
employees for the following tasks: hairwashing, head massaging, coloring, adding
tones/highlights, hair bleaching or lightening, giving perms, making preparations with hazardous
substances, and wet cleaning or disinfection of tools and work spaces.
Observe the following criteria when choosing and using protective gloves: resistance to
hazardous substances, resistance to tearing, availability of various sizes, covering of wrists.
Protective hand gloves that are meant for single use should be disposed of after use. In every hair
salon a skin protection plan should be visibly displayed (such as in the hand care area). In this plan, protection, cleaning, and care measures for the various tasks must be written out.

For health reasons, eating, drinking or smoking should not be allowed in the work areas. Arm or
hand jewelry should not be worn during work, because chemicals and wet work are more critical
below jewelry . Be careful that water solutions that contain skin-damaging substances or
preparations do not dry up while on the skin. Used customer towels must not be used to dry

Operating Instructions
When substances are handled that are harmful to the skin or to the respiratory system, the
employer has to provide operating instructions that indicate the dangers to man and the
environment. These instructions must also establish the necessary protective measures and rules
of conduct concerning wet work. If there are employees in the workplace who do not understand
the English language, the operating instructions must be written in a language that they understand.
The operating instructions must make employees aware of hazards and the means to protect
themselves (also during wet work). Employees must be made aware of any new industry
procedures, facilities, work tools, hazardous substances, or protective measures. The employer
must conduct an evaluation at least once a year to verify the appropriate implementation of
protective, cleaning, and care measures. Occupational medicine care
Employees that work in hairdressing should be advised on occupational medicine and, if
necessary, examined. Advice should include information about specific hazards to skin under
consideration of skin condition and recommendations of appropriate protective measures. The
examination is especially important for the early recognition of skin and respiratory diseases.
Information about preventive occupational medicine checkups can be provided by workers
compensation funds.