Oxygen Tank

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Where can we buy a vari-flow valve in the UK - the type for oxygen tank for cluster headaches?

have been to doctors and cannot get in to see one who understands how important oxygen is for this problem. they keep trying to push pills - that do not work anyway!

we can get the oxygen tank, but need a vari-flow valve. Boots once supplied them, but no longer. can anyone please advise about where to buy a vari-flow valve in the UK?

Best Answer...


Hi, I am not sure what you're talking about here, but I think it might be what is usually called an "oxygen regulator." This is the piece you connect to the oxygen tank which allows you to control the rate of flow. If that is what you're talking about, you can find tons of them online in the UK - just google "oxygen regulator" and take your pick.

The other thing I'd recommend is to get a non-rebreather mask if you don't already use one. I know this doesn't answer your question, but I get cluster headaches and I have found that using this kind of mask lets me get much more oxygen than if you just use something like a stupid nasal canula.

Good luck - I hope this was helpful. Oh, and also, get a new doctor. You and I both know that the one you're using right now is rubbish! :-)