Laboratory Apparatus And Their Functions

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Laboratory Apparatus And Their Functions

See More About:    Laboratory Apparatus And Their Functions        
Common Scientific Lab Equipment

Frequently Asked Questions...

Give me as many laboratory apparatus and their functions?

The one who can give the most will be chosen the best answer.


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Bunsen Burner - Heating Liquids and Solids
Gradated Flask - For measuring Liquids
Conical / Erlenmeyer Flask - for filtering liquids into
Funnel - to aid pouringof liquids
Pipette - to add controlled amounts of liquids
Test Tube - for storing / heating / mixing samples
Bung - to seal test tube
Test Tube Rack - to store test tube in an upright position
Glass Stiring Rod - to stir liquids
Filter paper - to removes solids of varying sizes from liquids
Mercury Thermometer - to record temperature
Digital Thermometer - to record temperature
Goggles - to protect the eyes
Crucible - for heating solids or small amounts of liquids
Wash Bottle - for adding small amounts of water or washing equipment
Bottle - for storing liquids
cotton wool - for sealing test tubes
Burette - for dispensing small amount of liquids in a controlled manner
Metal stand - for supporting test tubes / tubing etc
Crucible togs - for removing items from heat or holding items over heat
Mortar and Pestle - for grinding solids
Petri Dish - used to store bacteria samples / grow bacteria
Gauze - for supporting items over heat
ceramic plate - for placing hot items on
gloves - for protecting hands

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